Importing a vehicle

You must be the first owner and have owned the vehicle for not more than six months prior to the date of the shipment to Bermuda. Vehicles which have had more than one owner cannot be imported into Bermuda. This includes demonstration models (demos), which are considered used.

Things to know before importing a vehicle

Before importing any vehicle into Bermuda, you need to advise the Transport Control Department (TCD) of the specific make and model, vehicle specifications including length and width, weights, engine size and horsepower to approve the import.

You must provide the following documents before you import a vehicle:

  1. Bill of Sale
  2. Certification of title
  3. Overseas vehicle registration (private cars or motor cycles) or a letter of approval for import (motor taxis)
  4. Owner’s handbook and vehicle brochure
  5. Emissions certificate

All documents provided will be returned to you.

Initial Registration Fees

You must pay the standard fees for importation and initial registration for all cars i.e., licence plates, registration fee and inspection fee.



Auxiliary Licence Plate


Motor Cycle Licence Plate


Motor Vehicle Licence Plate


Auxiliary Cycle Registration / Transfer Fee


Vehicle Registration / Transfer Fee


Duplicate Vehicle Licence


Partial Ownership Fee for Vehicle



Requirements to import a motorcycle

Imported cycles must have a maximum engine capacity of 150cc.

The following motor cycles are prohibited:

•       Any four-stroke motor-cycle which has an engine capacity greater than 150 cubic centimetres; or a horsepower rating greater than 15 hp or 11.25 kilowatts

•       Any two-stroke motor-cycle which has an engine capacity greater than 100 cubic centimetres

Requirements to import a private car

Imported private motor cars must not exceed the following specifications:

  • Maximum length of 175 inches
  • Maximum width of 71 inches
  • Maximum engine capacity of 2,500 cubic centimeters
  • Maximum power to weight ratio of 10.5 kilograms per kilowatt

Requirements to import a motor taxi

Importing any vehicle into Bermuda, for the intended use as a motor taxi, must pay a 10% import duty fee.  In addition, the motor taxi must not exceed the following specifications:

  • Maximum Width 77 inches
  • Maximum Length 210 inches