Profile on Success - David-Vernon Bean

The Department of Workforce Development Training section Our Training section is responsible for all internal and external training for employees and clients, respectively, in collaboration with industry partners and educational institutions. Such training includes internship programmes for new graduates, as well as apprenticeship and certification programmes for workers over a wide spectrum of occupations and professions.

Where do you work? Department of Marine and Ports Services

What do you do there? I am a Leading Seaman. I work in the Ferry Service where my administrative duties cover a range of tasks to ensure the daily facilitation of a marine transport service that meets the needs of the general public.

What assistance did you receive from the Department of Workforce Development? The National Training Board (NTB) awarded me total funding for a Maritime Operations course in Barbados in which I was awarded the Apprentice of the Year award for outstanding achievement. When I returned home, the Department of Marine and Ports, in conjunction with the NTB, awarded me an open scholarship to undertake a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nautical Studies in the UK at the Warsash Maritime Academy.

Would you recommend the services at the Department? The services at the Department of Workforce Development are vital. Allowing the Department of Workforce Development to assist in jump-starting my career development aided in the forward progress of my matriculation into tertiary education. I already had the aptitude to succeed, however I needed the boost financially to enable me to continue reaching for success. Thanks to Workforce Development for taking the interest to invest in Bermuda’s Future!

What do you like most about your field of work? Being part of a team of people who are experienced, well-seasoned, able to give leading direction and who place others’ safety as a first priority at all times.