Profile on Success - Lavita Williams

Our Career Development section is responsible for the accurate assessment of individuals for employment and career development, as well as working with employers on the placement of prepared individuals in available and suitable posts. We assist individuals throughout the job search process from intake to job readiness to referrals to potential employers. We are also responsible for the online Bermuda Job Board listings of available positions in the workforce, and we are involved in the development and implementation of the employability skills certification programmes.

Job Title

Where do you work?
I work for myself. I run my own cleaning company, ‘Leave it to Lavita’

What assistance did you receive from the Department of Workforce Development?
My Career Development Officer at the department has put me through several different courses. One course called “Key Strategies for Job Fair Success” included classes such as: Preparing an Elevator Pitch, Dress for Success, Resume Development, Critique and Interview Skills. They also sent me on a housekeeping training course for two weeks where I excelled and became a certified guest room attendant. It really boosted my confidence that if I could do hotel work, I could also do housework on my own. This encouraged me to start my own cleaning business.

Would you recommend the services provided by the department?
Yes. I have already actually—to several different people. The staff at the department are all very professional in how they handle people who walk through their door. I know of seven people who got a job as a result of going to the 100 Jobs Initiative which was organized by the department and Ministry of National Security.

What do you like most about your field of work?
I actually like cleaning bathrooms!

What makes your company different from other cleaning companies?
My price. I charge $10 per hour for seniors and $25 per hour for everyone else. Some seniors live from monthly pension to pension and can’t even afford their medications. I couldn’t in good conscience charge seniors the full price.