Register as an Architect

Who can register as an architect

In order to qualify for registration as an architect, an applicant must:

  • be a full member of the Royal Institute of British Architects of the United Kingdom,
  • the American Institute of Architects of the United States of America, or
  • the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, or
  • hold any other qualifications which the Architects Registration Council decide should qualify him for registration.

How to apply for registration as an architect

Persons who wish to be registered as architects must:

  • complete the

  • attach any required supporting documentation
  • send the Form A and documentation to the Registry General
  • pay the application fee of $20 which must be paid before the application is processed
  • pay an additional registration fee of $30 if the application is successful

 Please note that no fee is payable by applicants who are employees of the Government of Bermuda.

Supporting documents required

The application shall also be accompanied by:

  • original copies of all architectural diplomas awarded to the applicant, or copies which have been certified as true copies by or on behalf of the authorities which awarded the diplomas;
  • if the applicant is registered as an architect in any country or place outside of Bermuda, a current  copy of the relevant entry in that foreign register that is certified as a true copy by the authority that keeps and maintains the foreign register.
  • a certificate or testimonial of the character of the applicant given no more than 3 months before the date of the application by a person of standing and responsibility well acquainted with the practice of the applicant;
  • a statement by the applicant of his experience in the practice of architecture up to the date of the application; and
  • a certificate or testimonial of the professional competence of the applicant in the practice of architecture by an architect of standing and responsibility well acquainted with the practice of the applicant.

The Registrar General will forward the application and accompanying documents to the Architects Registration Council for consideration, and advise the applicant of the Registration Council’s decision.

The Registrar publishes a list of registered architects in January of each year.


The procedures for the registration of architects are given under the Architects Registration Act 1969 and the Architects Registration Regulations 1970, copies of which may be obtained from Bermuda Laws Online.