Register as a Professional Engineer

The Registry General maintains the Register of Professional Engineers and publishes a list of the registered engineers in the Official Gazette in January of each year.

How to register as a professional engineer

To become a registered engineer, a person must complete a

 and submit it to the Registry General along with:

  • Certified copies (by a Notary Public) of any certificates of professional qualifications. Alternatively, original certificates and copies may be brought to the Registry General for the copies to be certified.
  • Copies of any other documents relating to the applicant's professional qualifications, experience and character.
  • A

    . This form allows the Professional Engineers Registration Council (PERC) to make inquiries of any organization or association with which the applicant has been affiliated. It also authorizes those organizations or associations to provide the Council with any requested information. The Council holds all information received in confidence.

  • The $20 application fee. If the registration is approved, an additional registration fee in the amount of $30 must be paid. Cheques should be made payable to the Accountant General.

Applications are forwarded to the Professional Engineers Registration Council (P.E.R.C.) for consideration, after which the Registry General advises applicants of the Council's decision.


The registration of engineers is governed by 

Professional Engineers Registration Act 1972 and the Professional Engineers Registration Regulations 1972. Copies can be obtained from Bermuda Laws Online