Requirements for extending the term of a work permit holder

If an employer intends to continue to employ a work permit holder in the same job beyond the expiry date of the current work permit, they must apply for a new permit.

The same process that was followed to obtain the original permit must be followed again. Applications should be submitted no less than one month and no more than three months before the current work permit expires.

Due to the recruitment cycle for teachers, the Ministry of Education and schools can apply for work permits of teaching staff up to nine months prior to the start of the upcoming academic year. Provided that a completed application has been submitted within the time frame specified in this policy, the incumbent may continue working beyond the expiry of the work permit if the work permit expires while their new application is still being processed by the Department of Immigration.

If the completed application is not submitted to the Department of Immigration within the time frame specified, the employee must stop working unless specifically authorised by the Minister. A Short Term Work Permit cannot be applied for in these circumstances.

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