Suspension of Social Insurance Contributions

Per the recent Contributory Pensions Temporary Amendment Act 2020, the Department of Social Insurance wishes to advise the public that the employee option of choosing a social insurance contribution suspension will be made effective July 1, 2020, and terminates on June 30, 2021

Forms can be submitted to the Department via email at or delivered to our front desk reception.  Please call our hotline for any suspension queries at 444-2470 

Guidelines For Employers

Step 1. Employees must inform you to let you know if they wish to suspend their contributions. *Important* As the employer you cannot automatically suspend without the employee’s signed consent. 

Step 2. If the employee chooses to consent, provide them with a consent form to complete. The form must be signed by both the employer and employee. Keep one for your records and provide a copy to the employee and to DOSI. 

Step 3. Provide a list of all employees who have requested a suspension on the Employee Suspension Form and submit to DOSI. 

Step 4. Distribute FAQs to your employees. 

Step 5. Contact the Department at 444-2470 or email if you have any questions or wish further assistance. 

Guidelines For Employees 

Step 1. You must inform your employer that you wish to suspend your contributions for the period between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. *Important* Your employer cannot suspend your contributions without your written consent. 

Step 2. A consent form will be provided by your employer for you to sign if you wish to suspend during the period. 

Step 3. Your employer should provide you with a copy of your signed consent form. 

Step 4. If you change employers during the suspension period you will have to complete this process again. 

Step 5. Contact the Department at 444-2470 or email if you have any questions or wish further assistance 

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