Saint Martin

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Senator, the Hon. Owen K. Darrell was invited to attend the 2024 first-quarter Caribbean Tourism Organization [CTO] Meeting in Saint Martin, which took place from February 5 - February 6, 2024.   Minister Darrell joined other Tourism Ministers in the Caribbean regions.

This gathering, hosted by the Honorable President Valerie Damaseau and her team, was an opportunity for collaboration with our Caribbean partners to strengthen Bermuda’s efforts in advancing sustainable tourism initiatives outlined in the National Tourism Plan.

  1. Networking and Diplomacy:
    • This offered opportunities for networking and building relationships with officials from other small islands.  These diplomatic efforts can be strengthened through bilateral and multilateral discussions on tourism-related matters. This knowledge can help in shaping policies that align with international developments.                                                     
    • This allowed the Minister to share in discussions on responsible tourism and to learn about best practices from other countries that will enhance Bermuda’s own tourism strategies. 
  2. Promotion of National Tourism:
    • Attendance at this event, allowed the Minister to promote Bermuda’s tourism industry on a global stage.
    • It provided a platform for the Minister to attract potential investments, partnerships, and promote cultural exchange through tourism. 
  3. Participation in Global Decision-Making:
    • Being present at the forum allowed Bermuda to contribute to decision-making processes that impact the island’s tourism industry from global perspective.
    • The sessions enhanced the understanding of various aspects of the tourism industry, including marketing, technology, and infrastructure development.

Minister Darrell was accompanied by Rhonda Woods-Smith, Senior Manager of the Tourism Regulation & Policy Unit.



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