2023 ICC Men's T20 World Cup Americas First Round Qualifiers


Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport Senator, the Hon. Owen K. Darrell was invited to attend Senior Men's Bermuda Cricket Team at the ICC Americas - Men's T20 World Cup 2024 - First Round Qualifiers which took place in Argentina from February 24 thru February 28th.

It was critical for the Minister to attend the regional qualifers that are to be held in  Argentina in February 2023, as the Government's ambassador for sports,  this travel will provide opportunities for the Minister and the attending technical officer to :

  • assess the regional ICC event on display,
  • engage with key officials and administrators to gain further insight into the process required to stage an ICC event 
  • signal to ICC executives (the establishment) that Bermuda is committed to presenting cricket at a globally exceptional level.

Furthermore,  international sporting events is linked to tourism promotion.  This event affords the Minister to engage in soft diplomacy in this area.


In addition, Bermuda has successfully won the bidding process to host the ICC Men's T20 Regional qualifers in August 2023.  This is a true win for Bermuda in that it does not only bring a spotlight to Bermuda as locale for sports tourism, it also puts us in the running for

more ICC training venues for are partners in the Caribbean and the World.

Minister Darrell was accompanied by the Director of Youth, Sport and Recreation, Kimberley Bean. 

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